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Financial Services

Some believe that any brokerage account will leave them ready for retirement. However, consulting firms can prioritize their paychecks over their clients. Our strategized plans help our clients grow their wealth into a tax-free retirement. Yes, that is possible! As tax-free retirement coaches, we help our clients grow their portfolios without taking any losses in the market.


You can rest assured knowing that we will prioritize your well-being and goals, while remaining reliable and honest. We build our plans with your life, family, business, and legacy in mind. If you are interested in learning more about achieving your financial goals, please leave your contact information below!

Private Reserve Account

What it is

Imagine earning 6-7% interest on your money instead of the 0.5% you would earn through a bank. A Private Reserve Account (PRA) is an exclusive product that can do that for you. A PRA is structured around a life insurance policy that meets specific criteria to achieve tax advantages. There are no limitations on the amount of money you can put in, and the cash portion of the account is tied to a specific market index. This is how the insurance carrier is able to guarantee the principal in the account if all contract terms are met. 

How it works

The interest your money earns is based on a specified market index and has a 0% floor. With a PRA, there is no loss of cash value due to declines in an index based on the claims-paying ability of the insurance carrier, but there is the potential for tax-deferred growth. Additionally, you can take potentially tax-free withdrawals for any purpose, with complete access to the cash value in your Private Reserve Account as long as all contract provisions are satisfied. Contact us at Affire Corporations to get set up with this amazing service through ModFinancial!

Your Benefits

We like to call a PRA an alternative way of banking, or being your own bank. Utilizing this account is a great way to make one dollar serve multiple purposes, such as tax-advantaged income in retirement, protection if you were to get ill (with living benefits added to the life policy), a tax-advantaged death benefit to heirs, college savings plans for children, and even mortgage or auto loan payoff acceleration. Contact us today to get started on a personalized plan, and let us help you take hold of your financial future.

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